What’s in My Bag: Fat And The Moon Product Review

Feminine Hygiene

I’m a product junky and I am not afraid to admit it! May it be flashy advertising, amazing packaging (because cool packaging matters) or the overall name of the product it’s very easy to catch my attention & make me want to try something. That’s what happened with this product I am reviewing today. This brand caught my attention first with the name Fat and the Moon, such an odd name for a product line I thought while scrolling through their Instagram feed in awe of the black labeled products my first time earlier this year. I came across this brand by one of my all time favorite accounts (K6Mil) posting about them, if she uses it than they’re for me toois what came to mind while investigating the brand further. I’m still unsure where Rachel Budde, creator of Fat and the Moon came up with the name but if you’re reading this I just want to say I love it anyway.

   If you visit the website you’ll find an assortment of all natural products ranging from beauty to first aid and more. I wish I could try all of the products but I was able to narrow my first time experience down to three things, Aloe Lotion, a facial cleanser & all salve. Before I get into the good stuff I want to talk about how the quality of what your product is in matters just as much as the actual product to me at least. The first thing I noticed when opening my package was the No-Bullshit containers each item was in. My Aloe Lotion, in a glass screw top container, All Salve in a flat sturdy screw top container & my facial wash, in a thick cardboard like shaker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted great product because  the container said product was in broke, got wet, or just was overall no good. So yes, opening up my box and examining the outside of each item I was immensely happy with the overall aesthetic of each product. 

The Products

Aloe Lotion:The first thing I did when I unscrewed the cap to my container is put it up to my nose & inhale as deep as I could. One thing that disappoints me about lotion is the scent, I hate putting overly perfumed products on my skin. With the scent test passing with flying colors, I dipped my finger in to check out the consistency…if it’s too watery it’ll leave me feeling dry later & too thick will make me feel like I have another layer of skin (you see how picky I can be). I rubbed the lotion around between my fingers and it was the PERFECT consistency! Now for my last test, will this lotion keep me hydrated after a shower? The answer was YES! I would def recommend it to people who have dry skin issues because it def delivers a high amount of hydration, it’s also perfect for those who are in the sun often being as though the aloe will help your skin out in the long run. A must buy for fucking sure!

Light as a Featha Facial Cleanser:I used to have super oily, like grease ball oily! I want to say within the last 2 years I have noticed a drastic change in my skin, I no longer wake up looking like someone slathered me down in Vaseline while asleep. I consider my skin combination now, my forehead and nose get a little oily while everything else is just kind of like whatever. One of my go-to products for when I break out is the Aztec Healing Clay mask that’s made with bentonite clay which worked wonders on pulling all the trash out my pores and managing how oily I get. Using Bentonite Clay caused me to research other clay ingredients so when I saw that Light as a Featha had Rhassoul Clay I was hype af to try it. The first time I used it I am going to admit I had a dumb moment, I’m so used to my everyday cleanser being a foam or something of that sort so I just poured some in my hand while standing in the shower and thinking if I put this under the water it’ll wash away wtf. I ended up hopping out the shower to add a little water to it so that it would form a paste and I could apply it to my waiting face. I let the mask sit on my face for the remainder of my shower, it was easy to come off (one thing I dislike about the Aztec Mask is that I find small patches of mask on my face later). This cleanser smells really good but not like perfume, more like the ingredients used which are Coconut oil powder, Rhassoul Clay, Honey Powder & Gluten free Oat Powder just smell great together. I def would recommend this to that girl or guy who is super greasy & looking for a quicker method to masking. With the Aztec clay mask you have to find a bowl, a non metal utensil to stir and your ACV. With this mask you pour, add water and apply…SIMPLE!

All Salve:I haven’t used a salve since I was a kid reason numero uno I think I chose it actually for the nostalgia. I remember my great grandfather using a salve for every scrape, bump, itch or twitch I had. It wasn’t until I was picking out items that I realized Damn, I haven’t seen a good ole salve in years. For those who don’t know what a salve is, it’s a medical ointment made to soothe your skin. I personally get bit up by mosquitos, I’m constantly scrapping and scratching my skin on something so why not get something to help me out during those moments. The good thing about this is that this salve dupes as a chap stick as well. If you’ve never used a salve the consistency is very thick being as though beeswax is used as a main ingredient  (not in all but a lot of the time). The tin that it comes in is back pocket sized however I def wouldn’t recommend putting it there because it will melt, so keep that in mind. I’ve been using it on my elbows and knees because I could always use a little more moisture in those area, but more importantly I get eczema on my pointer and index finger & this has been helping me keep that from flaring up and becoming a hot peeling mess…I’M SALVED DF UP YA’LL!

Can you see why I love this brand so much? I look forward to incorporating more of these products into my daily routine. Have you tried this brand or want to? What products do you use or would you like to use? I’m curious to know.


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