Mr. DM Diver

Girl Talk

So over the weekend I had an encounter that was def blog worthy & it goes to show you that you should be careful what you wish for because at the wrong moment it’ll appear. SOOOOOO for the past month or so a guy I briefly dated kept sliding in my dms asking “Am I ever going to see you again?” …Now a little history on this person he pretty much ghosted me after a few weeks and blamed it on depression so riddle me why I would want to see him? Anyway…I told him that we didn’t frequent the same places therefore we probably would never. that didn’t stop him from keep hitting me up, video calling me from IG and so fourth. I ignored it because one I am in a relationship & two Boy FUCK YOU.

So fast forward a few weeks he is still persistent asking “wyd” & “wya” and I respectfully ignored him. So this past weekend was my bestie & my cousins birthday so we headed down to AC for dinner and drinks. I’m inside the restaurant waiting for the rest of our party to arrive and my sister who is facing the door goes “OMG this guy walking in looks like….(someone else I used to have relations with)” so I laugh and say “Oh it’s probably …(The person who is actually walking through the door). ” Now I can’t see this person yet but my best friends eyes grew super wide and his mouth curved up into the devious smile he gets when he is preparing to be down for some shit. As the person walks through the door my best friend goes “Yup that’s him!” …The DM Diver was walking through the door with his date. We made eye contact and I thought to myself…Do I make him uncomfortable or do I let him live?…I let him live because at the end of the day I don’t want him, so that’s sis’s problem.

Dinner went great on my end. My sister kept telling me he was looking over at our table but I refused to look his way, he wasn’t worth the glance. We all finished dinner and headed outside for a little parking lot turn up so we head to the cars and pulled out our bottles and turned music on the pre-game a little more. After about 20 mins of dancing around, sipping and talking shit I looked behind me and who do I fucking see??? Mr DM Diver, hugged up kissing on his date while staring over at me and my crew. WTF! Needless to say the next day the man sent me a message AGAIN on IG saying “So you can stare but not speak”…LOL man I called him every son of a bitch in the book in my head and left his ass on “seen” FOH. The old me would have cursed him out and said all types of fly shit but this version of myself could care less. I know I wasn’t checking for his ass so why bother? The funny part is that he probably spent the evening with the girl I saw him with but my level of unbotheredness bothered him so much I’m sure that it burned a hole through his mind until he could get away from her to hit me up. So laughable. What would you have done in this situation?


3 thoughts on “Mr. DM Diver

  1. OMG 😮 THAT WAS A PAGE TURNER I WAS WAITING FOR THE ACTION… 😂 I love that you took the bigger role… I would have did the same… Just when u thought that y’all don’t run in the same places, Y’all run into each other out of state!!!! I believe in faith and that was FAITH AT ITS BEST!!!!


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