What’s in My Bag: Fat And The Moon Product Review

Feminine Hygiene

I’m a product junky and I am not afraid to admit it! May it be flashy advertising, amazing packaging (because cool packaging matters) or the overall name of the product it’s very easy to catch my attention & make me want to try something. That’s what happened with this product I am reviewing today. This brand caught my attention first with the name Fat and the Moon, such an odd name for a product line I thought while scrolling through their Instagram feed in awe of the black labeled products my first time earlier this year. I came across this brand by one of my all time favorite accounts (K6Mil) posting about them, if she uses it than they’re for me toois what came to mind while investigating the brand further. I’m still unsure where Rachel Budde, creator of Fat and the Moon came up with the name but if you’re reading this I just want to say I love it anyway.


6 Ways To Get Rid of Razor Bumps + Scars

Feminine Hygiene

Being an African American woman shaving can be super effing annoying. From the time I started shaving I’ve always suffered from razor bumps and scars…The horror! I used to be super self conscious about my bikini line because I just KNEW nobody else had this problem…WRONG! So many women and men alike suffer from razor bump no matter what area they’re shaving. WTF are razor bumps even? According to Gillette Venus Razor bumps are ingrown hairs caused by cut hair strands that curl back into the skin and grow under the surface, causing red or skin-colored, pimple-like bumps. Why do we even get them? It could be from shaving with a dull razor, shaving against the grain that your hair grows, dryness, skin sensitivity, the list goes on.