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Girl Talk

So over the weekend I had an encounter that was def blog worthy & it goes to show you that you should be careful what you wish for because at the wrong moment it’ll appear. SOOOOOO for the past month or so a guy I briefly dated kept sliding in my dms asking “Am I ever going to see you again?” …Now a little history on this person he pretty much ghosted me after a few weeks and blamed it on depression so riddle me why I would want to see him? Anyway…I told him that we didn’t frequent the same places therefore we probably would never. that didn’t stop him from keep hitting me up, video calling me from IG and so fourth. I ignored it because one I am in a relationship & two Boy FUCK YOU.


Don’t Even Call it a Comeback…


It’s been a very long year and some change…But I’m back..I’m better, I’m more knowledgeable, & yeah…it’s lit!

I stopped Diary of a Serial Dater when I decided not to date…I literally took a year hiatus to get back to ME. I wasn’t happy with my day job, I wasn’t happy with my choices in the dating world, overall I was absolutely MISERABLE & genuinely all over the place…I didn’t want you guys to accompany me on that journey.

My theory on this all was…If I’m not dating, can I really call myself a Serial Dater? So yeah! If you noticed I did change my name from Diary of a Serial Dater to The Diary, it just makes sense for my current lifestyle. I’m no longer a serial dater…But yassssss to those who are you know I’m rooting for you from the side lines & drop those stories in my dm’s

The Diary will still consist of pure foolery & things everyday women go and grow through. We are still going to cackle and talk our ish via Ig. So with that said drop some topics in the comment section & let me know what you want to talk about!

Love Always,