Don’t Even Call it a Comeback…


It’s been a very long year and some change…But I’m back..I’m better, I’m more knowledgeable, & yeah…it’s lit!

I stopped Diary of a Serial Dater when I decided not to date…I literally took a year hiatus to get back to ME. I wasn’t happy with my day job, I wasn’t happy with my choices in the dating world, overall I was absolutely MISERABLE & genuinely all over the place…I didn’t want you guys to accompany me on that journey.

My theory on this all was…If I’m not dating, can I really call myself a Serial Dater? So yeah! If you noticed I did change my name from Diary of a Serial Dater to The Diary, it just makes sense for my current lifestyle. I’m no longer a serial dater…But yassssss to those who are you know I’m rooting for you from the side lines & drop those stories in my dm’s

The Diary will still consist of pure foolery & things everyday women go and grow through. We are still going to cackle and talk our ish via Ig. So with that said drop some topics in the comment section & let me know what you want to talk about!

Love Always,